3 Grocery Store Tips for Good Nutrition!

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Fresh produce isn't the only place to find fresh and healthy choices!

Fresh produce isn’t the only place to find fresh and healthy choices!

Fresh Produce is a Good Starting Point!

Just about every grocery store that I know puts the fresh and colorful fruits and vegetables in view where customers enter the store. It makes sense to get us starting our grocery basket with seasonal choices as well as nutritious ones.

Tip: Pick up 1-2 fruits and 1-2 vegetables here, as a rule.

Fresh Bakery Comes Next!

The smell of yeast bread towers over the fresh bakery and everywhere close to it. Did you know there are fans that blow the bread-baking odors all around to entice customers to buy more?

Tip: Pick up a bread with ‘whole wheat’ or other whole grain as the #1 ingredient. Then, ask the bakery clerk to slice it – unless it’s already in nice, neat slices.

Moving On to Seafood!

Fish and shellfish are smart choices if you are looking for extra lean protein. Try something different like scallops or mahi mahi instead of your usual purchase. If you’re buying fresh seafood, ask to smell it first to check the freshness. It should smell mild and fresh like the ocean.

Tip: Put a package of fresh frozen seafood in your grocery basket, for later. You can store it in your freezer for a few days, a few weeks or a few months.

A Good Nutrition Grocery Basket!

Remember to think about variety when you write your shopping list. It takes a little of everything — protein, fruits, veggies, whole grains, and dairy — every day for balanced and satisfying meals. The US government makes quite a few easy-to-understand resources available for good nutrition. So, click here to check them out. If you need help putting together tasty menus then click here.

What new food will you try in this week’s grocery basket?


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2 comments to 3 Grocery Store Tips for Good Nutrition!

  • I’ve been making a green smoothie for breakfast since the new year. I’ve been using fresh pineapple,avocado,spinach,kale and other fresh fruits. Are frozen fruits as good nutritionally as the fresh variety?

    • Cindy

      Your breakfast smoothie sounds like a great ‘wake up’. It’s also a good way to start the day with a blast of fruits and veggies. To answer your question, yes, frozen fruits without added sugar are every bit as nutritious as fresh – and affordable and convenient, too. Thank you for your comment!

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