A Turkish Breakfast is a Healthy Meal!

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Turkish breakfast

My breakfast in Turkey was tasty and healthy. You can make a Mediterranean breakfast, too!

Breakfast Foods Eaten in Turkey!

When I visited Turkey, I was greeted in the morning with a hearty and healthy breakfast. Some of the foods I ate were these: olives, hummus, bread, honeycomb, figs, fresh pear, apricot juice, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese. Can you find them on my plate at the left?

Mediterranean Foods are Nutrient-Packed!

All foods offer us calories and nutrition. Those that are grown and eaten in the Mediterranean area of the world, though, are especially tasty and high quality calories. The good news is that we can choose many of these same foods in an American grocery store or farmer’s market to make mouthwatering, healthy meals and snacks.

Eat Well at Breakfast!

Eating a hearty breakfast is a rule I stand by. Yes, sometimes it is a Mediterranean-style breakfast. Other times, it is an American breakfast. The best way to jump start your body and your brain is to make time for this important meal. It will give you the energy you want and the flavorful pleasure you deserve to start your day!

What’s On Your Breakfast Table?

There are so many options for breakfast. You can choose an egg, cheese toast, an apple, oatmeal with raisins, yogurt or lentil soup. Anything goes as long as you make it a healthy choice. So, get planning, get to the grocery store and eat well! For plenty of breakfast tips, along with tiny recipes and inspiration for making healthy food choices, join me on Facebook and be sure to sign up for my ‘3 Tasty Menus for Busy Weeknights’. And, finally, check out my website every month for new homepage features!

What are you having for breakfast tomorrow?



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