Grocery Shopping 101: Hydrating Drinks

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Why choose hydrating drinks?

Get this — Our bodies are about 75% water. Our brains are about 75% water. And, we lose a significant amount of water every day under normal circumstances and good health. How can we replace these liquids? —  by choosing hydrating drinks. How can we maintain our well-being? — by choosing hydrating drinks.

What drinks are hydrating?

Water is a top choice as a hydrating drink. Beyond the water faucet or fountain, consider these from the grocery store: 1% or fat free milk, decaffeinated tea or coffee, 100% fruit juice and water – bottled with or without bubbles of carbonation.

What drinks are not hydrating?

Typically, drinks with caffeine or alcohol are considered dehydrating, rather than hydrating. These include regular coffee and tea, hot chocolate, chocolate milk, beer, wine and hard liquor.

How many hydrating drinks are needed?

Most of us think it’s a good idea to drink 8 cups, 64 fluid ounces, of liquids every day. To benefit your body’s hydration, this amount is a good start. If you are very physically active or live in a warm climate, though, you need even more. Try this hydration calculator to figure out your personal needs.

Here’s a hydrating drink recipe!

Cindy’s Healthy Softdrink is made by mixing together 1/2 cup of 100% purple grape juice + 1/2 cup plain seltzer water or club soda + a twist of lemon or lime. Refreshing, tasty and hydrating!



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2 comments to Grocery Shopping 101: Hydrating Drinks

  • Lindsay

    Thanks for including the hydration calculator. That’s helpful especially as the months heat up. -Lindsay

  • Cindy

    You’re so right, Lindsay! We need even more hydrating liquids to keep the body running smoothly during a warm, late spring and hot summer. So, drink up!

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