Teaching Good Nutrition at the Grocery Store!

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My grocery store tours begin with handy tips on fruits & veggies!

My grocery store tours begin with handy tips on fruits & veggies!

Memorable Education!

There’s no two ways about it, touring around the grocery store is an amazing way to learn how to make healthy choices and to remember them. In my career as a registered dietitian, I’ve had the chance to bring all kinds of people into my ‘hands-on nutrition classroom’ and to get them excited about what they learn. I know it sounds funny – a guided tour of the grocery store. But, if you can learn about paintings or sculpture at a museum tour then why not learn about nutritious foods at a grocery store tour?!

Game-Changing Experience!

Many people struggle at the grocery store because, after all, it’s confusing, crowded and stuffed full of packages, shelf tags and signs that are basically overwhelming. A guided grocery store tour can change all that. Everyone needs and buys food, typically once or twice a week. What goes into your shopping basket goes into your home pantry, fridge and freezer. What goes there, ends up on your meal table or snack tray. So, by joining a grocery store tour and learning to make wiser choices, this ‘choose-buy-store-eat’ cycle will begin on a healthy note with every trip.

Life-Changing Habits!

Getting adjusted to new habits is never fast or easy. With new grocery shopping habits, though, just imagine how your life can change. There are chronic issues such as pre-diabetes, diabetes and high cholesterol – all of which will respond to healthy nutrition that begins at the grocery store. There are other issues such as feeling out-of-sorts, tired, or unable to focus – all of which may respond to healthy nutrition that begins at the grocery store. It’s smart to get help from a nutrition professional no matter which health issue you face. It’s even smarter to get help before your health becomes an issue.

Nutrition & Wellness Professionals Step-Up!

If you’re a nutrition or wellness professional, it’s time to master the skills you need to help your clients choose healthier groceries. My new, one-of-a-kind Webinar Series is called Grocery Store Tour Success. I am partnering with Marjorie Geiser, a top notch coach for nutrition and fitness professionals to bring you this program.

Grocery Store Tour Success starts off with a Free Series Preview on Tuesday, January 29, 3 pm EST – don’t miss this! Let’s band together and make smarter, more confident grocery shoppers of our clients so they can enjoy good health and great food flavors – forever!

Click here to register for the Free Preview and learn what you’ll need to ‘nail down’ before you create, market and execute successful grocery store tours. Learn insider tips about how to fill your tours, how to build a relationship with a grocery store and how to manage your time so you’re prepared to lead awesome tours.

What would you like to learn on a grocery store tour?

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