Planning is Key to Quick, Cheap & Nutritious Meals

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Breakfast Meal Plate

A traditional breakfast meal can also be lunch or dinner - in a hurry!

Step 1: Meal Planning

There’s no way around it – planning is the first step to a quick, balanced and nutritious meal, or an entire week of meals, that are easy on the wallet. So, take about 20 minutes to plan and jot down notes, if it helps you remember. Draw pictures of meals with the kids, if that helps.

Step 2: Grocery Store Planning

Once your meal planning is clear, turn your attention to a grocery shopping plan. For example, turn your meal ideas into a detailed list, and pull out coupons that will save you cash on healthy purchases.

Step 3: Sticking With Your Plan

Succeeding in your kitchen and at the meal table is doable for everyone. Think simple foods. Think colorful plate. Think I will stick to my plan. If you make planning time and stick with your plan, then you’ll be amazed how much smoother the week will go.

Trusted Resources for Success!

If you are looking for an easy-to-understand way to move toward nutritional success in your own kitchen, consider my 3 e-books, Tasty Menus, Tasty Recipes for Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks, and Tasty Recipes for Sides Dishes. There is a nice price discount when you buy all 3 at once!

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